CO₂ impact and circularity are topics of global importance. Sphera gets produced in one of the most modern and efficient homogeneous vinyl production facilities. It is produced with 100% green electricity with minimal impact on the environment.

Creating better environments

Sphera is developed, from the start, to avoid any unnecessary waste and minimize energy and raw material use. Our philosophy is to avoid waste creation, instead of putting additional energy into recycling of overapplied raw materials. An increasing number of countries is collecting installation waste, including Sphera, to be recycled the same way.

Avoid waste, save energy

Producing Sphera at 2mm in one step, without back sanding. This reduces production waste by 10-15% and the little waste created, gets safely recycled through our internal recycling process into the backing of our heterogeneous vinyl products, without any impact on the quality of these products.

Take back

Forbo Flooring Systems is actively offering installation waste take-back programs where the sustainability balance for logistics makes sense. We have several schemes for vinyl, including recycling of Sphera, in a growing number of European countries.

Green electricity, reduction of CO₂ emissions

Sphera is produced with 100% electricity from renewable resources, significantly contributing to the reduction of CO₂ emissions.   

Circular flooring ambition

Flooring Systems is an active participant in the EU funded Circular Flooring project, aiming to establish a circular recycling process for plasticized PVC from post-consumer waste flooring.

Sphera EPD

Forbo Flooring Systems was one of the first companies worldwide to embrace EPDs and has comprehensive coverage across our product portfolio. A specific EPD for Sphera with additional information to show the impact on human health and eco toxicity is available.