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From initial concept Sphera has been developed to avoid any unnecessary waste and minimize energy and raw material use. Sphera is a premium quality homogeneous vinyl through and through. All waste is reused in other premium products from Forbo Flooring Systems without impacting the quality of these products. It is produced with 100% green electricity with minimal impact on the environment.


Sphera is produced in a factory newly built in 2016, using the latest technologies and insights:

  • All Sphera collections are truly non-directional: both design and embossing structure have no direction and can be installed in any way, potentially saving material, effort and risk (less joints).
  • High batch to batch consistency, thanks to the use of high quality colour granules, specifically developed for Sphera.
  • 100% phthalate free & very low TVOC emissions (≤0.01 mg/m3)
  • Better dimensional stability than most other homogeneous vinyl's; less tension on welds, less risk to crack open.

Our welding rods are exclusively developed and produced in house. Welding rod colours have been carefully matched, to be as invisible as possible in installations. For Sphera Element, regular vinylweld and multi coloured welding rods are available.

50037 | China blue


All Sphera collections are protected with SMART top. SMART top is the combination of the lacquer and embossing. Key features related to this surface treatment:

  • UV lacquer application before embossing ensures optimal control of the lacquer thickness
  • Lacquer application weight is consistent and secured by measuring techniques in production
  • Protection against stains and scratches
  • Very high scuff resistance
  • Very low TVOC emissions (≤ 10μg/m³)
  • The non-directional embossing structure :
  • Masks wear and imperfections of the subfloor
  • Reduces visible soiling
  • Provides ease of cleaning
  • Improves slip resistance (safety)
  • Reduces light reflection (less disturbing for patients)


- Even lacquer thickness across the surface - Rounded embossing structure - Truly non-directional surface


Uneven lacquer thickness No embossing structure Lacquer direction becomes more prominent when soiled


Over the past years, Sphera Element has been installed in small, medium and (very) large-scale projects worldwide, with many satisfied end users as a result. Choosing designs and colours suitable for the application area helps to preserve a stunning impression for years. Sphera Element Contrast is especially developed for high demanding areas. The recipe, pattern and higher contrast in colours in combination with the SMART-top surface finish make Sphera Elite one of the best performing products in the market.

Investing in protection measures like entrance flooring systems and appropriate chair legs pays off:

  • Reduced maintenance efforts and cost
  • Extend the lifetime of the floor

Effects of micro scratching, abrasion by sand, light scratching from sharp objects and chair legs can be minimized by dry buffing of the floor. The luster of the SMART top finish gets restored and the original look of the floor is maintained.


For the next generation of Sphera Element, the benefits of our state-of-the-art production facility have been further explored. Sphera Element is used in a wide variety of applications, including specific areas in healthcare and industry environments. In critical areas, control of cleanliness of the air and surfaces is essential to reduce the risk of contamination with particles or micro-organisms.

Sphera Element has been approved for cleanrooms up to ISO class 4 by the Fraunhofer institute, certificates are available on request. Also frequently used chemicals for disinfection have been tested, with excellent performance on 8 out of 10 substances and very good as overall result.