The Dynamics of a Building philosophy no longer looks at the traditional split in segment but works from a philosophy that is based on the identity a space has and what function is has for the users. In a project there are many functions that need to be fulfilled and using this identity as a guiding system works on ensuring the optimal atmosphere and design in a building. Each dynamic has its own unique colour dialogue with its genuine identity created by the contrast, intensity and positioning of the colours. Its the overall expression of the selected colours that represents the defined atmosphere. With its vibrant visuals, Sphera meets the diverse needs in modern spaces and bring new dynamics to homogeneous vinyl flooring.


welcome, attractive, accessible, inside-outside

Welcome to a new entrance that feels surprisingly familiar and inviting. Whether it’s an entrance, lobby or atrium, the environment balances the known outside with all that is new inside a building. Enveloped by natural daylight to make your entrance feel bright and engaging. Colours and textures honour the company’s look and feel while integrating  elements of the raw building.

41231 | vivid rosebud

53202 | confetti concrete

50497 | zircon

51005 | contrast dark grey

50210 | mandarin

50482 | smokey quartz

50078 | dark kelp

51004 | contrast mid grey

51054 | contrast amber


dynamic, temporary, orientation, zoning​

Upon entering the building, your senses will guide you where you want to go. Since you’re not familiar with its blueprint, however, the flooring can also act as your guide. Textures and patterns transform into paths and the striking, contrasting colours act as signs that help you find your way. You will intuitively navigate in the right direction, encountering friendly faces, moving toward your desired destination.


communication, dialogue, stimulating, curiosity

Opportunities to encounter one another, which allows for dynamic and spontaneous interactions. This energising space invites you to connect with those around you for an accidental, informal meeting or even for a refreshing break. This is the heart of the building, where you‘re surrounded by inspiring colours, textures and images that trigger your imagination. In these areas, business becomes casual, big becomes small and all that is familiar becomes remarkably new. 

50485 | obsidian

51243 | vivid snow

50081 | ocean

50068 | hay

50482 | smokey quartz

51054 | contrast amber

50075 | hibiscus

50022 | shell

52217 | shimmer mystic blue


introvert, focus, safely, acoustic​

To focus on the essentials, secluded spaces provide privacy and filters all that is unnecessary. The non-distracting, subtle and muted colour palette and materials with minimal textures sooth your senses and absorb the outside noise. In here, it’s about you and what you want to concentrate on, be it individual objectives or highly focused conversations. Something private and important can happen here. Please Do. Not. Disturb. 


relaxing, well-being, energizing, open​

This is the place where you can let go and the environment takes cares of you. Calming down your senses and regain your inner balance: relax, heal and recover. Filling this space with temporary occupancy will encourage you to take a breath and escape. This is the place where time slows down and everything softens. Enjoy this break and let the moment guide you.

50064 | light moss

50491 | citrine

50496 | kyanite

50007 | grey sky

52215 | shimmer ebony